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Best Indian Hospitals offer advanced Medical Treatment in India for Nigeria Nationals

Medical Tourism  Nigeria

Medical Tourism India – Nigeria to India Medical Travel

Medical technology in India is progressing rapidly with newer and newer technologies being added every year. The fact that India is now totally competent to cater to patients located worldwide has been recognized and is being appreciated globally. With India’s popularity as a matured medical tourism destination growing rapidly, more and more Nigerians are getting attracted towards the top hospitals of India. 

The best Indian hospitals are blessed with the most proficient surgeons, who are catering to Nigerian patients efficiently with the best services and top notch infrastructure. The best doctors and surgeons of India are providing the best possible cure to Nigeria nationals at the best Cancer Hospitals of India, top Joint Replacement Surgery hospitals, best Eye Hospitals, low cost Cardiac Surgery hospitals, and low cost Spine and Neurosurgery hospitals. Also available for Nigerian patients are the best Bariatric and Cosmetic Surgeons of India, top Urologists, top Dental clinics, Paediatric surgeons and dexterous surgeons associated with every medical sphere.

Additionally, the best Indian hospitals are totally geared to handle the most complex procedures like Kidney Transplant Surgery, Liver Transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant, Paediatric Surgery, Ophthalmologic Surgery, using the latest technology like Robotic surgery, Cyberknife amongst other advanced techniques; all of these at the most reasonable prices, which make India a very rewarding medical tourism destination, making Nigeria to India medical travel, the best suited decision for the wellbeing of Nigerian patients.

How can Tour2india4health help the Nigeria Nationals access these world class services?

The healthcare system in Nigeria is not a developed area and has a lot of critical issues. There is serious shortage of healthcare personnel as well as insufficiency of medical resources. Not all the Nigerian patients can access quality healthcare. Furthermore, the waiting time for various treatments and surgeries is very burdening along with continually rising treatment expenditure, making the situation even more nightmarish. It’s been decades now that Nigeria nationals are facing these issues. The Government of Nigeria has been taking stringent steps to get rid of these issues but sadly the efforts are not yielding much result and so the Nigerian Nationals are obviously not very happy about the whole situation. 

Owing to these difficulties, Nigerian patients are obviously finalizing the best Indian hospitals as their treatment destination. Not only because of the sufficient availability of qualified medical personnel but also because of the availability of low cost surgery. This is where Tour2india4health comes into picture. Tour2india4health has been looking after all kinds of medical requirements of the Nigeria Nationals. We can help the Nigerians access the top hospitals of India blessed with the most proficient doctors and the best surgeons of India.

What places Tour2india4health in a better and more beneficial position? 

1. Free second opinion – When it comes to illness and related procedures, surely there can be doubts; regarding the capability of the doctor or about the diagnostics. In order to clear this dilemma of the Nigerian patients, we can arrange for free second opinion in our empanelled best Indian hospitals. 

2. Clinical camps – In order to create the much needed awareness about various ailments as well as to provide free and easily accessible health services, we organize clinical camps for Nigeria Nationals at regular intervals. 

3. Special packages – We ascertain that the Nigeria Nationals are supremely satisfied with the pricing of the treatments and the procedures, they are looking for. We have low cost surgery packages for Nigerians in India, keeping in mind that the patients are coming from all kinds of socio-economic sections of Nigeria. 

4. Language Assistance – This is very vital because health issues need to be communicated accurately and so should be the treatment suggested by the doctor. So, we look after this issue by arranging expert translators/interpreters for Nigerian patients.

5. Special food – Every treatment and procedure comes along with its own dietary limitations. We make sure that such food restrictions are well look after through customized diet plans. Through this the Nigerian patients are assured of speedy recovery and better outcomes.

6. Follow up services – We ensure that there are no interruptions in the follow up phase. We arrange for regular follow up services even after the Nigerian patient is back in his/her own country, after his/her successful surgery in India. 

7. Quick visa assistance – We have 24/7 visa assistance staff to look after all the queries and needs related to visa, so that the Nigerians get easy medical visa to India from Nigeria; which surely gives a positive boost to medical tourism India. 

8. Free services to other family members – Not only of our Nigerian patients but we also take care of their family members. We arrange for free annual checkups for their family members too. Further, we also provide them special diet plans suitable to their health issues.

To know more about the services, please click on the following link: Contact us on: Email us on: OR call: +91-9325887033 


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